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New Styles for Spring are Arriving!

Our Crew

Our Crew

When they say "show me your friends and I will show you your future", well my future must be very bright! I have been so blessed by my wonderful family and friends who have worked so hard to help me bring my dream of Lake Folks to the reality it is today. This journey has taken us to so many towns, events and fun gatherings together. We have met so many sweet people along the way that we now call friends. I am so very thankful beyond measure to each box you have carried, sales you have made, trailer you have loaded and pulled, picture you have modeled for and or took, webpage designed, writtings, order managment and so many tags you have made. So many more jobs that I can't even list. I love you all!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to:

Jason, Jamison, Grayson, Marilyn, Steve, Kelsey, Hayley, Ben, Naron, Shawn, Evelyn, Zerita, Betty, Renee and Janet.

And special thanks to:

Special thanks to our photographers and all of our sweet models! Ben, and Ryan, @shootmeeplzz

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