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Our Story

Our Story

My name is Annette Alsobrooks, and I am the creator/owner of Lake Folks Designs. Since I was very small my family would take us to the lake for weekend picnics and camping trips. My favorite childhood memories were always at the lake, either on the boat or just sitting around a campfire after sunset. Sunset was, and is now my favorite time of the summer. At sunset the lake is calm with just a few hums of boats still about. We enjoyed the fellowship and that became a part of me. As I grew into my teen and college years my love for the lake never subsided. I was blessed with wonderful friends and we spent our spare time camping, water skiing, boating, and jet skiing! My dream was always to some day live on the lake. With lots of hard work, guidance, and blessings from the Lord my children are now growing up with the lake as their front yard. The dream of that little Annette has come true and now I want to share a little part of it with you!

I have been a professional Graphic Designer for 28 years. I am also a mom and wanted to create a way to be with my children more. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to spread my wings. The term, "Lake Folks" is just my way of finding out if someone loves the lake. I always say, "I didn't know you were Lake Folk too!" I have used that phrase so many times, but one day the light came on and God said that this is for you. I have worked so hard to bring Lake Folks to life. There is no way I could have done it without the loving support of my family and friends! I hope that Lake Folks can be part of your family and maybe just a small part of your moments and memories at the lake.

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-Many Blessings,

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